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This is the third and a half iteration

This is now the third version of Dark Brightness, and the fourth iteration of getting this page up. The most recent event occurred when I tried to install piwik… into the home directory for the blog. Wiping everything. Between the backups I had on Vaultpress and help from my ISP, I got most if not all of the posts up. The pictures… not so.
Serves me right for not keeping my own copies.

Now, the link to this site is blog.pukeko.net.nz I have a photo site up, which is working at photo.pukeko.net.nz. There is a small blog called a torch down a well where I put longer things that need publishing, such as essays, comments, sermons and longer treatises.

So, what will be here?

  • The Lectionary. Links, daily comments (or as close as I can get to that), resources
  • Daybook. These will be generally shorter posts, linking to something friends have said. Since I am interested in traditional or conservative Christianity and the issues relating to raising kids in a melded family– admixed with my science fiction and linux comments.
  • Reading Notes.  These are comments on scientific papers I am reading at the moment, rather than blog or essays (that belong in the daybook). More recently, they are labeled medical. There is a page where I note what I read for CME purposes
  • Quotage.  I do not do link lists that well:. But I do find quotes and put them together.

If this place leads to discussions, so be it!

Oh, and if any of you are curious, I look like a dyspeptic orc.



Update. I now look like a gray dyspeptic orc.



Christmas 2017 update.

In the last year I have remarried, blended a family, had my father in law die, dealt with a change in government and a culture of taking offense, seen my gym implode and my church almost do so.

Still here.

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