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One of the difficulties of this age is working our who should have what. To whom you should render honour, taxes. From whom should you be able to demand recompense, security, and income. And where any form of provision ceases in this world. and you have to put your spine back in, and do your […]

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I got distracted this morning by an example in death. A couple died while in Kenya doing short term missionary work — they were part of a party of mostly high school students who were repairing mission buildings. Sent from their church in New Zealand, they died in Kenya. In thinking about this, it is […]

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I am considering a thread that continued overnight — which I alluded to yesterday — about the inability to confront. Karly shared a painful story that illustrates this quite well I did rebuke a close friend for her sexual sin. She had cheated on her husband (whom she married young just to get out of […]

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