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What do we do about those who hate the gospel? Who would destroy us, regulate, and demand that they can lead us? How do we deal with such? We tell them to repent. This is the cure of the hater, the people who are consumed with envy, those who stalk and complain, those who harass. […]

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I don’t have a great time for the Victorian Poets, which is a gap I am trying to correct. Kipling is obvious: but there are those such as Hopkins who are equally unfashionable because of his faith. And could write. God’s Grandeur The world is charged with the grandeur of God. It will flame out, […]

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Again, a conceit. Stella is the avatar of virtue. If you do not know what virtue is, look at beauty. Which is a lie: there are many beautiful women and men who are evil. The image is deceptive. But true beauty lasts longer than youth, and that comes from within. XXV The wisest scholler of […]

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When the resurrection occurred, everything changed. It was terrible. Strong, experienced soldiers trembled and ran away. It began with an earthquake. The last one we had here felt like a truck hitting the side of the house — and that was only about five on the scale. Seven flattens cities. That happened about eight years […]

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