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Jesus Christ had two missions. One was to bear witness to the nature of God to the Jews, the nation of his mother and father, of the prophets and patriarchs. For the Jews of that time were losing their way into a regulatory, virtue signaling legalism. However, as the sermon yesterday noted, Christ was sitting […]

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More Anne Locke. She is writing before the Elizabethans in early scots english, so there is a transliteration. Lo straining crampe of colde despeir againe In feble brest doth pinche my pinyng hart, So as in greatest nede to cry and plaine My speache doth faile to vtter thee my smart. Refreshe my yeldyng hert, […]

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Sydney’s audience knew their Roman mythology. Cupid is the son of Venus and Mars. The conceit is that Stella is cupid’s bow, and she has an infinite amount of ammunition. I am, as usual, not altering the text: this is Elizabethan English Stella and Astrophel XVII His mother deere, Cupid offended late, Because that Mars, […]

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