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Given the amount of difficulty with commentators I am revising the rules. My attitude is that of a certain person that the Social Justice Warriors (Science Fiction Branch) fear to name. Please note that his site chews through bandwidth, and this site should not.

As for the intellectual quality of the commenters, it has naturally gone down as the readership has grown from 3,000 daily to 100,000 daily, but due to my consistently weeding out posers, gammas, trolls, and liars, it is a considerably more honest discourse than one will find elsewhere.

I would much rather have 10 honest commenters of average intelligence than 100 highly intelligent dissemblers and deceivers all trying to push their false narratives on the readers here.

So, here are the new rules.

  1. It is my place and I own the banhammer. If you don’t like my decisions, start your own blog
  2. This is a hobby. My employer, my professional group have official opinions that may vary: but know this: if you doxx people here I will ban you instantly. If a name is in the public domain it is fair game, but if a NZ court suppresses it I will remove it — if I have not, tell me.
  3. There are some people who have been here for years, and they have more liberty than you will find. Because they have earned my trust.
  4. This place has got filters up: profanity, multiple links, active documents, spam. All spam is deleted: it won’t be reviewed.
  5. I don’t tolerate Papist versus reformed or ortnodox versus the West. Not everyone who comments here is Reformed. Not everyone is Christian. I’m not American. We have bigger problems than the nature of the theodokous.
  6. If you put the same thing up every post, you will be blocked
  7. I do not want to monetize this blog. I will not invest in Nigeria, or blockchain, or buy the Brooklyn Bridge

The rules will be revised as needed.



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