Commenting rules

Before we get to the rules, a few disclaimers. This blog is a hobby, and like all hobbies, done well, I take it seriously. But is it is no what I do for a living: I am an epidemiologist and psychiatrist. A university pays my bills, and I have limits on what I can say or do. I am not American. There is no constitution or bill of rights where I live.

This is my place. The below is guidelines. If I ban you, pray that the wordpress database goes down, for I don’t edit the blacklist often. But to add to it.

  1. Assume that I have spam filters on.
  2. Assume that links and rude words will block posts.
  3. Do not dox. If you don’t know what that is, it means don’t gossip about private individuals. The mainstream media websites consist of that.
  4. No civilians. Those involved in meme wars or twitter fights are fair game. But not families, the vulnerable.
  5. If you comment, I will edit.
  6. I will try to cite people I quote,
  7. But I will link to archives when possible

In short, be reasonable, and this will work. Be unreasonable, and the banhammer will be used.