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One of the things that happens to any parent is that you suffer. When your child is sick, you suffer. As one of a kid’s favourite movie put is, the worrying does not end. So it is quite understandable that little children were bought to Jesus for a blessing. You pray that all blessings and […]

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Wayne at Sigma Frame has put a notice out saying that the blog has moved: I am still at the same server but had to do a clean reinstall of WordPress and then back everything up. As part of that the links between the main site broke. I did not realize that most people went […]

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Jesus Christ had two missions. One was to bear witness to the nature of God to the Jews, the nation of his mother and father, of the prophets and patriarchs. For the Jews of that time were losing their way into a regulatory, virtue signaling legalism. However, as the sermon yesterday noted, Christ was sitting […]

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More Anne Locke. She is writing before the Elizabethans in early scots english, so there is a transliteration. Lo straining crampe of colde despeir againe In feble brest doth pinche my pinyng hart, So as in greatest nede to cry and plaine My speache doth faile to vtter thee my smart. Refreshe my yeldyng hert, […]

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Kipling ended the first war angry. This was the warmup. It is satire, it was written for that time, and the context matters. The report on the siege of Kut had been written, and the general staff were excoriated for their lack of logistic skill. Kipling was a journalist, a poet, and a defender of […]

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This is a data linking paper that looks at medication prescription and consanguionous marriages. In the introduction, they note that for Roman Catholics, cousing marriage requires a specail dispensation, and the rate of such in Ireland is 1 in 625. This appears, from a national database to be the rate in Ireland. I would add […]

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The joys of living in a time of decline: We have to deal with irrationality wearing the skinsuit of science. Vox Day coined the term scientodology for such: their use of the experimental evidence is selective, but their self righteousness, in their delusions, shines Paying exuberant lip service to reason and science has always been […]

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