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This is a fairport convention song about the madness. Natalie Merchant is an inspired interpreter. Yes, Natalie forgets the words. Within the fire and out upon the sea Crazy man Michael was walking He met with a raven with eyes black as coals And shortly they were a-talking Your future, your future I would tell […]

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My first interaction with the Harawiras was thirty years ago. I was working in a psychiatric hospital as a junior doctor, and I had to stitch up the patients assaulted by the staff in a Maori run unit. Headed by a well known Nga Puhi woman, Titewhai Harawera. The same woman ‘protected’ the next prime […]

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I slept through the alarm this morning. This meant that I woke with the sun — 45 minutes before I am supposed to be at work. I managed to get showered shaved, kids fed, me caffeinated and kids to school in 50 minutes. But the usual 30-60 minutes at the beginning of the day, in […]

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From the Radio NZ website. A new study shows a growing number of synthetic cannabis users are being admitted to psychiatric care. The study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal shows 13% of all patients admitted to Dunedin hospital’s psychiatric ward over a period of 3½ months were using synthetic cannabis Researcher Chris Gale […]

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Our neighbours in Australian had a slight change of PM last night. The Labor party there is facing a landslide against them, and two of the independent MPs that allowed them to govern have indicated they will not seek re-election. Kevin Rudd will lead the party into the election. It reminds me of a certain […]

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I’ve been following the events in the world and writing realistic but bleak commentaries over the last few days. The question is what to do in rough times. Attached to that is what will happen in the future. And that leads directly to the text. Luke 21:5-19 5When some were speaking about the temple, how […]

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I read this over at Cappy Capitalism yesterday. The Captain, who is the son of a preacher man, is one of my favourite misanthropes. Because he does not pull punches. He’s honest — to the point of getting thrown out of bars. But this is what he said about preachers… He’s talking about a youth […]

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