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I have seen my mother, sisters and beloved over years. They spend a lot of energy keeping friendships going that men generally do not. There appears to be a sense that you must be a good woman, a Lady, and your reputation matters. Because it does. The Samaratan was drawing water not at the times […]

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The Romans knew how to execute. They were fairly practiced: from crucifixion, to being used as entertainment in the arena, to the daggers used on the elite or by themselves when the emperor gave them notice of their fate. The death of Jesus was witnessed. He was put in a grave carved out of the […]

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What can we say about the true church and the fake church? Well, the first thing is that the true church has power. It does not rely on ritual or authority. Liturgy and prayer are servants to Christ. It does not rely on precedent, or careful gloss on gloss. Instead it relies on Christ. The […]

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Cameron Slater, on Facebook, as Croatia take down England 2-1. I knew England were doomed in their wogball match when the NZ Herald ran a breaking news headline stating that England were just 45 minutes away from their first World Cup final in 64 years. The curse of the NZ Herald strikes again. They are […]

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I have done a little editing to the resource page. I have also adjusted the commenting rules page: there is now an introduction. It is needed as some people don’t understand that you have to help people you don’t like, and no one will like, what D.W.Winnicott called objective hate: an emotional reaction based on […]

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The fact is that storms pass: the trick is to survive them. You don’t argue about them at sea, you ensure that your boat is watertight, battened down, your bow is to the waves, and you are in deep water, away from rocks and shoals. A small boat, well-built, will ride out much: people have […]

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Country Music, to be precise. This started when I heard the long black veil on spotify, but this is a smoother version. Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. Not country, but covered by a Thunder and Rain, a bluegrass band. A delicate Neil Young cover, with the man joining in. And Johnny Cash, who redefined Nic […]

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