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I have done a little editing to the resource page. I have also adjusted the commenting rules page: there is now an introduction. It is needed as some people don’t understand that you have to help people you don’t like, and no one will like, what D.W.Winnicott called objective hate: an emotional reaction based on […]

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I spent quite a bit of time harvesting spam at the moment… so, in the hope that an automated system will help deal with the flow…. Disqus is switched ON. With its internal spamchecker. And antispam Bee is switched off, to facilitate this. I’ve checked, and all the comments are into Disqus and anyone can […]

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THis is from PNAS. In short, obesity seems to be modulated in mice fed a high fat diet by a bacterium. Reduce the bacterial count, and the mice thin out. From the abstract Obesity and type 2 diabetes are characterized by altered gut microbiota, inflammation, and gut barrier disruption. Microbial composition and the mechanisms of […]

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This post has taken some time to get together. In my professional life, the Americans (who, as usual, are the outliers) have decided to revise their version of the diagnostic manual. When this was first put forward, there was a hope that with the decade of the brain increasing the amount of research that there […]

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This is what a real operating system looks like.   Since you have reported that the hipsters use crippled UNIX. and only a few use windows, I thought you needed reminding that there is a free option that has more powerful tools… for everything from fixing photos to statistical analysis for economists🙂

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I’m lazy. When I write a presentation I want to be able to use it in three forms: As a slide show. Over some kind of projector. Using whatever is available. Given the instability of powerpoint and the fact I don’t run windows, this means some form of .pdf file As handouts online. Preferably without […]

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Fedora 18 is almost out. I installed the beta onto a laptop a couple of days ago. The new version of anaconda looks pretty and worked well — until I did something clever, which was try to use cinnamon as my desktop environment. That was broken on install. In the end I installed kde-openbox and […]

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I have just deleted a commentary on the multiple changes in the site today. I have been trying to balance readabilty with  navigability. The last theme kept on sticking a post in a second column, or added ugly heads… So I moved to Aesthetica. And that allowed me to again use a logo. So I […]

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