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This is a forest plot. It is looking at normalized or standardized mean differences of improvement between computerized CBT and controls. The controls are not specified. And if you look at it, you get a significant improvement if you do computerized CBT. This, to a busy clinician or clinical team, sounds very attractive. Computers are […]

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THis is from PNAS. In short, obesity seems to be modulated in mice fed a high fat diet by a bacterium. Reduce the bacterial count, and the mice thin out. From the abstract Obesity and type 2 diabetes are characterized by altered gut microbiota, inflammation, and gut barrier disruption. Microbial composition and the mechanisms of […]

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Cathy Odgers on women being shareholders not over-educated board slaves. Maori and women now have as equal chance as white boys from Kings of getting to University should they study hard and pass exams. Standardised testing means we can be measured against these little elitist mollycoddled arsewipes from a very young age. Once at University […]

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Hat tip Zero Hedge and Sovereign Man. Online privacy is becoming more important by the day. And nobody is going to give it to you, you have to take steps yourself to secure it. Below are five different tools and services that will get you started: 1. Tor Browser Tor is a great weapon in […]

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