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Idiot Savant has been around the Kiwi blogosphere about as long as I can remember. He’s quite left wing. Anyone who things Lauren Southern and Stephan Molyneaux are national socialists has swallowed the cool aid. They are a white nationalist and an old fashioned libertarian. Both of them are pretty good at getting responses, and […]

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Do not preach degeneration. Do not encourage it. Do not be inclusive of those who practice such: be it financial, sexual, or ethical. You will be praised by the world for allowing them in, and then damned, convicted and jailed for their actions. We all have enough troube with our own vices. And our enemies […]

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This Sunday morning I’m stealing the introduction from Brian. He’s writing about George Will, whose career has been in conservative think tanks, talking about voting Democrat in the next election because Trump is a womanizing rube. He is not polite. He causes conflict. He would rather be defeated in dignity. Will does not understand that […]

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