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One of my friends put this on facebook, relating to Dalrock’s post about a complementarian preacher who is bowing before the #metoo movement and the demands of the women driving this. From the comments, which summarizes the problem. What do you expect an effeminate man to say? he can only speak what he knows from […]

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Let’s start with a low prevalence event that should never occur, unless we end up with multidrug resistant syphilis. Babies are being born stillborn because of it. The current funding system where a lead maternal carer (generally a midwife) is funded for all antenatal care instead of a shared care model removes redundancy and allows […]

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In the odd corners of the internet where I hang out — often called various names — there is a repeated conversation. “Where Can I find a good Church? One that is not converged?”. There are discussions of denominations, the virtues of the Orthodox church, the failure of the Presbyterians, Lutherans, Anglicans and Baptists, and […]

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