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This is a sonnet on religion, but the dark side. Oscar Wilde is not normally accounted as a religious poet. But this is religious, and involves martyrs and saints. The Turks killed 5000 people in 1876. Oscar Wilde accused Christ of being uncaring five years later. In 2000, the independent Bulgaria, after a century of […]

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I am looking for Sunday Sonnets, but they have to be religious. Stella is not: though the imagery is of Apollo and his chariot, the content is that Stella does not sunburn. Her skin is golden. And in love, these particulars matter. The Luminarium text, which I have copied unaltered, has Elizabethan typography, so the […]

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This is the last sonnet in the Psalm cycle that Anne Locke wrote. In it, she contrasts the celebration of temple worship with her status, and her wish to join the congregation with an assurance of her salvation. Locke was no gnostic. She knew that from the fear of God came the found of wisdom, […]

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The pursuit of love can ruin one’s youth, but the modern in me says that there are worse things: from the love of the virtual to depgeneration, from waifu to heroin. For Sydney at least knew his Plato. We are fallen: we think that the ancients cannot teach us, for they are white, male, and […]

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Blake may talk about a mental fight building Jerusalem in England’s land. Blake was wrong. The fight is not mental: it is either spiritual or physical. I am sure I have used this before, but here the contrast between the reformed and the romantic is clear. Blake was too enamoured with nature, and bended the […]

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This is a poem about exiles, remittance men, outlaws. And the cost of their fleeing. Before interpol and extradition. And from the days where the distant reaches of the empire held those who England had rejected. Such men made the Antipodes. The Broken Men 1902 For things we never mention, For Art misunderstood — For […]

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The Psalm has 19 verses, so the poet continues. This is, after all, a meditation on Psalm 51, and the sexual themes of the penitent date to the psalm if not the poet. But the verse for this is the seventeenth The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O […]

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