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The Psalm has 19 verses, so the poet continues. This is, after all, a meditation on Psalm 51, and the sexual themes of the penitent date to the psalm if not the poet. But the verse for this is the seventeenth The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O […]

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James Joyce wasted his talent on experimental novels. He could write. This simple is hard. A Flower Given to My Daughter Frail the white rose and frail are Her hands that gave Whose soul is sere and paler Than time’s wan wave. Rosefrail and fair — yet frailest A wonder wild In gentle eyes thou […]

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We are ending the end of this cycle, and with it the need to transliterate. Anne Locke’s poem or meditation worked when written well. It shows that the Puritans of that time did care and craft beauty, with words and in their lives. Unlike the women of this time, Locke did this while running a […]

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More Anne Locke. She is writing before the Elizabethans in early scots english, so there is a transliteration. Lo straining crampe of colde despeir againe In feble brest doth pinche my pinyng hart, So as in greatest nede to cry and plaine My speache doth faile to vtter thee my smart. Refreshe my yeldyng hert, […]

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Sydney’s audience knew their Roman mythology. Cupid is the son of Venus and Mars. The conceit is that Stella is cupid’s bow, and she has an infinite amount of ammunition. I am, as usual, not altering the text: this is Elizabethan English Stella and Astrophel XVII His mother deere, Cupid offended late, Because that Mars, […]

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