Sunday Sonnet.

We did not last the service through today. My beloved said that she was leaving and I followed: she was offended that instead of a sermon there were smug women reading children’s tales. This is after both of us being saddened by the sermon at the Royal wedding of the duke and duchess of Sussex. […]

Saturday Sonnet.

The trouble with losing your blog data is that you have to consider if you start poetry cycles again. In this case, I have not. I am continuing with the cycle, and in this Sydney makes a fundamental error. He lets his desire cloud his judgment. His friends counseled him: Stella was outside of his […]

The dead of the empire

People forget that Kipling, that great poet of the empire, lost his son in the Great War. As did almost every townh and vale in New Zealand. (We did not let the Maori serve, not because they were disloyal, but they were too few). The pre war generation built a memorial to the Maori, who […]