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Let’s start with a low prevalence event that should never occur, unless we end up with multidrug resistant syphilis. Babies are being born stillborn because of it. The current funding system where a lead maternal carer (generally a midwife) is funded for all antenatal care instead of a shared care model removes redundancy and allows […]

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Let’s start with an warning. Unusual thoughts and experiences are common, and having them is not necessarily a sign of ongoing crippling distress or a reason for intervention. We tend to ignore people who have such thoughts if they are functioning well. We do not want to intervene with everyone who has but one symptom. […]

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This paper was published in an important journal and the related editorial notes some flaws, particularly around an inability to know what is the correct dose of direct current stimulation. What the editorial notes is something I also saw: that direct current stimulation worked against placebo on response remission, and probably MADRS scores. Outcomes matter. […]

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