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What do we do about those who hate the gospel? Who would destroy us, regulate, and demand that they can lead us? How do we deal with such? We tell them to repent. This is the cure of the hater, the people who are consumed with envy, those who stalk and complain, those who harass. […]

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The punishment for desertion in the Roman army, as in many, was death. Leaving one’s post would have had a penalty, probably lesser, but painful enough: reduction in rank, extra duties. If it was politically expedient the unit could be disbanded (and its pensions with it). The Army of Christ’s time was imperial, and was […]

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When the resurrection occurred, everything changed. It was terrible. Strong, experienced soldiers trembled and ran away. It began with an earthquake. The last one we had here felt like a truck hitting the side of the house — and that was only about five on the scale. Seven flattens cities. That happened about eight years […]

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One of the problems facing us in this age is the accuser. Those who will dig through everything that has been written and find something that offends. Those who accuse us of being sinners, evil. For they are convinced of their own righteousness, and any tactic to cause division they consider justified. Such are blots […]

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There are a lot of people who look at the lists of people Paul greets as he finishes his letters, and considers that they are all leaders. It is fair to say that they are all saints, and co workers, but that does not mean that they are all leaders. Prisca and Aquila risked their […]

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One of the big errors of this world is that we fall into small groups of people who think alike and we don’t hear feedback. If we do not have the Holy Spirit in our lives, this is almost inevitable: I know it is a wise man who seeks reproof, and a fool who spurns […]

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