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One has to give the council of the Jews a little credit in the time of the apostles. They would listen to those with wisdom. They had their radicals who considered the Torah to be correct but all else myth. These, the liberals in the politics of the time, were those who would work with […]

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One of the great errors the Presbyterian Church made is that it over valued education. This might sound odd, but the insistence that all ministers of the gospel attend a theological college and have training meant that when the universities began to worship research and not teaching the errors taught increased to the point that […]

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The lectionary is taking us through Acts and it is almost as if I am reading the local news in parallel. The Authorities are trying to regulate speech and make us quiet, silent, timorous. Mice. Because there are threats, because there are those who will heckle and fight. The social media comments that forced Massey […]

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Overnight, we have had a bunch of people complain about Don Brash speaking at Massey University and then Mrs May complaining that one of her ex ministers insulted women who wear the burqa. They have offended the saint of tolerance. They must be punished, for tolerance is a jealous god. But this is idolatry. Idolatry. […]

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What do we do about those who hate the gospel? Who would destroy us, regulate, and demand that they can lead us? How do we deal with such? We tell them to repent. This is the cure of the hater, the people who are consumed with envy, those who stalk and complain, those who harass. […]

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