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Sometimes you just have to let your biases go. I think Winston Peters is a fool, a troll, and a blot on the political establishment. On the other hand, I think Susan Devoy was a darn good squash player and a darn good person. But when Susan tries to censor Winston, she’s wrong. Last month […]

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This situation. Should. Not. Happen. Never. For boys. Or girls. If the perpetrator was a man (and I have seen more than one young girl have a kid before 13) then the man should be and is charged and is incarcerated. But the woman is getting a pass: this is (if the facts are as […]

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A large amount of the philosophy around politics, in both the right and the left, is postmodern. These people do not talk about the truth, because they only see the truth as a social construct, driven by the narrative or discourse of society, and with signfiers or code words or dog whistles attached within it […]

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It is one of those times when the over reach of Washington is apparent. The example they have is remarkably illuminating. Sincce 9/11, they have increased the surveillance of the US population, as has the UK, where in London you are continually watched. The NSA has been monitoring the emails, files within the cloud… for […]

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This is a forest plot. It is looking at normalized or standardized mean differences of improvement between computerized CBT and controls. The controls are not specified. And if you look at it, you get a significant improvement if you do computerized CBT. This, to a busy clinician or clinical team, sounds very attractive. Computers are […]

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Today is the start of the scholarship groups for final year high school people and there is a reception for these candidates at the University. Son one has an invite, and last night was printing He made a comment that “Dunedin is weird. This dies not happen anywehere else in NZ“. And this got me […]

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Many out there are looking at the Islamic riots, and the growing arrogance (and fertility) of that group, and considering that they are the strong horse, they are joining them. Fools. They have fallen into a common lie — that the society is going to fall apart, and there is nothing we can do but […]

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