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Three quotes: two on the problem, the third on the solution. For fixing things is better than inebreiation. Years ago while confronting a friend who was fast descending into alcoholism, I came up with an analogy I knew would force him to see the light. Every reason he was giving me to justify his drinking, […]

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I;ve said for some years that the structure of this economy is not sustainable. In NZ we have had three bailouts, and we simply have no money in the kitty — all the government’s spare caseh, and a fair amount of insurance money, is committed to rebuilding Christchurch, our second city, which was flattened two […]

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Why link when you can quote? Kristor on why he has hope for the androsphere, since if you reject one form of politically correct propaganda you become open to rejecting other parts of this and rediscovering wisdom and sagicity. The supramundane man (called “the sage” in the traditional literature of all cultures) can understand his […]

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One of the difficulties of this age is working our who should have what. To whom you should render honour, taxes. From whom should you be able to demand recompense, security, and income. And where any form of provision ceases in this world. and you have to put your spine back in, and do your […]

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