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Let’s start with a low prevalence event that should never occur, unless we end up with multidrug resistant syphilis. Babies are being born stillborn because of it. The current funding system where a lead maternal carer (generally a midwife) is funded for all antenatal care instead of a shared care model removes redundancy and allows […]

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I have done a little editing to the resource page. I have also adjusted the commenting rules page: there is now an introduction. It is needed as some people don’t understand that you have to help people you don’t like, and no one will like, what D.W.Winnicott called objective hate: an emotional reaction based on […]

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Idiot Savant has been around the Kiwi blogosphere about as long as I can remember. He’s quite left wing. Anyone who things Lauren Southern and Stephan Molyneaux are national socialists has swallowed the cool aid. They are a white nationalist and an old fashioned libertarian. Both of them are pretty good at getting responses, and […]

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This was linked to by John Ansell. Karl du Fresne is one of the older journalists in NZ, and staunchly conservative. He is not really tolerated by the current elite, for they want everything to be fluid, and alternative views, as he notes, to be silenced. In view of all this, it’s grimly ironic that […]

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Kipling ended the first war angry. This was the warmup. It is satire, it was written for that time, and the context matters. The report on the siege of Kut had been written, and the general staff were excoriated for their lack of logistic skill. Kipling was a journalist, a poet, and a defender of […]

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Over the last few days two human rights commissioners (HRC) have resigned, primarily because the HRC has been found systematically bullying and harassing their staff. One of the commissioners wrote this in the Spinoff, a blog sponsored by the HRC. These people can make your lives hell. They want to regulate our speech. And they […]

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