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OK, what happened.

I am coming to the conclusion that WordPress has failed. Over the last three days I have been unable to post, and the clue has been that the chron jobs I scheduled hit over 150 in my email box.

I did not schedule that many. There are now plugins to disable heartbeat in wordpress.

I am moving to working on lectionary posts at night, but when I attempted to do one yesterday or bring up a draft it all failed.

My webhost has reached the point where they are adding how to disable heartbeat to their FAQs.

The question is where next.

Do I go to Grav? to Ghost — where you are able to, with effort, import things — or to Joomla?

Or is it the structure of this site:however it is huge. Looking at my webserver’s stats there is 19GB or data and about 9GB of traffic a month.

I will explore over the next while and keep you posted. In the meantime, there are local and overseas webhosts that may get my business. For whereever I go, It will be backed up and portable.


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