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Ghost (FreeBSD, now TrueOS), an install from a Linux geek.

Since it appears that Linus has been rolled by the larger community of the Linux foundation for speaking truth, one has to consider alternatives. The purge is already starting, so though Linux is still functional[1], and Fedora still works, one needs to know where to go when there is nothing but the fake and the blue haired left, as is already the case with the funders of the Linux Foundation, such as Google.

After looking around I thought I’d try DragonFly BSD. This has a functional, small team, an Amiga coder (good thing) who has written a C complier (better thing) and still reviews all the code (even better). It has an odd file system which looks fun. And one of my laptops wifi does not like the Fedora stack. However, it is finicky on my hardware and it feels very much like Gentoo. I don’t use Gentoo no more. I don’t use Arch no more. I prefer something that does things automatically, so I don’t spend three days trying to get a stable version of Lumina up

So I thought I would try TrueOS This used to be called PC-BSD, and is another fork of FreeBSD, and has some advantages. It is a rolling release and… has forked itself into a cutting edge server system, with the graphical desktop system becoming Trident. Which has a code of conduct I like: be professional and don’t be a donkey.

Trident is in beta. I downloaded the combined iso (unlike most BSDs, which have a USB image and an iso for DVDs) and tested it. Did not work. Well, it installed, but there is a bug around wireless, which is interesting. Because the Ghost BSD developers have noted it, and are not releasing their next version until it is fixed.

Ghost is based on MATE, which is very like cinnamon. It is also pretty.

I have used pkg systems before, and the graphical Octopkg system works fairly well. Including updates, and using this I got my graphics, photo processing and office software sorted, plus the inevitable update.

The update went well. I now have on the experimental machine libreoffice, darktable, and firefox. I can work. There is no bsd version of spotify. The machine needs a new battery (bsd does not handle heat management well), and some hardare upgrades (It is six or seven years old).

Ghost BSD is good enough. If Linus and Ted T’so take their code and leave, making linux unstable, follow their fork or move onver to the Berkeley System.

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