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Saturday Sonnet.

The court of the time had concerns that were great and significant. The Turk was invading the Balkans: the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was in power, the Dutch were rebelling against the Spanish and the Ulster settlement was in peril. There were wars.

But Sydney was distracted. His thoughts were not with his duties but on Stella.


Whether the Turkish new moone minded be
To fill her hornes this yeere on Christian coast;
How Poles right king means without leaue of host
To warm with ill-made fire cold Muscouy;
If French can yet three parts in one agree:
What now the Dutch in their full diets boast;
How Holland hearts, now so good townes be lost,
Trust in the shade of pleasant Orange-tree;
How Vlster likes of that same golden bit
Wherewith my father once made it half tame;
If in the Scotch Court be no weltring yet;
These questions busy wits to me do frame:
I, cumbred with good manners, answer doe,
But know not how; for still I thinke of you.

Sir Philip Sydney

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