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Nine Eleven.

I remember Sept 11 2001. We could not believe this would happen. Then we learned about jihad, and that there was a religion of peace. Since then that religion has become more vocal, as the faults Tom Kratman identified years ago continue to afflict the West.

The secular West is losing their war against terror. So it is turning to appeasement.

There is another reason, too. Dear reader, we wanted to shock the hell out of you.

Right now, Western Civilization, however much many of its members may refuse to admit it, is involved in a world war. No, it has seen no entire cities destroyed; no trenches have drawn their scars across entire continents. It is a world war all the same. Moreover, it is a world war that is putting to the test every notion of individual liberty, freedom of conscience, and rule of law that the West prizes. And should we lose we will see, or our grandchildren will, the erasure of all that is good in Western Civilization.

We cannot afford to lose.

Yet winning will have its price, too. Just as the invasion John described is ordained to change humanity into something that one of Hitler’s Waffen SS would recognize and call home, so too will this war change us. Because side by side with the virtues of Western Civilization are paired vices that may destroy us: a narrow legalistic mindset, an emphasis on form over substance, and an unwillingness to do the ruthless and violent things we must if we are to survive. This list is not exhaustive. Perhaps worse than these things, however, the West has nurtured at its own breast a set of execrable, vile, treacherous and treasonous villains that seem to seek at every opportunity to do all they can to ensure its destruction.

Yet there is hope. “Survival cancels out programming.”

Lt Col Tom Kratman, Rtd,

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