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Truth is not a fear.

There are those who add the suffix to phobia to anyone who calls out their sin, trying to DARVO (Deny, Accuse, Reverse Victimhood, Be offended). The Lavender Mafia are seducing vulnerable men into sin, they state that those who call out this evil are homophobic. They demand that the church accept them. They do not accept the wish for a nation to be made of its own people, and left alone, or to protect itself from the reaver and the profane.

They want to deplatform us. Since they are minority, they are resorting to violence. Here, Nigel Farage is a useful example.

T?maki Anti-Fascist Action spokesperson Katjoesja Buissink said: “We are taking action because Farage’s anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and misogynist views are repugnant and indefensible. His scapegoating of vulnerable communities is reprehensible.

“The real problems rest with the vast and grotesque levels of global inequality caused by capitalist exploitation, ongoing colonialism and endless wars of aggression. He doesn’t want to do anything about those things, instead he uses ‘divide and rule’ tactics to stir up hatred and fear among the white working and middle class.”

Truth is truth. Sin is sin. I have enough problems with my own: one of which is wrath.There are cures for this. and Matt wisely discusses what to do.

Of course, the useful idiots of the narrative call this fear, for they project their denied guilt and shame elsewhere.

We are not our sexual desires. Are sexual desires are not our identities. We are men—nothing more, nothing less.

Because sin is sin, it must always be hated. Sin can never be loved, or cherished, or celebrated, or countenanced or encouraged in any way. Hate is always a proper response to any sin. (I hate my own sins most of all.) Just as forgiveness is always a proper response to repentant men. And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him.

Since hate is a proper response to sin, it is therefore insane to call a man “necrophobic” because he calls out the sin of necrophilia. It also be insane to hire a prideful self-labeling necrophiliac at the funeral home or morgue.

It is insane to call a man “homophobic” when he calls out the sin of sodomy—a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. It would be just as insane to hire a prideful self-labeling homosexual as a priest or as a teacher or to other positions where he might easily indulge his desires.

Fr Martin is therefore insane when he calls out “homophobic” pastors, as he did to large and adoring audiences.

Matt Briggs

Now, if you can accept that — and remember, Matt is Catholic, and he is teaching standard Catholic teaching. and orthodox teaching, for two thousand years — then you are probably inoculated against the narrative of the day. If you reject this, then examine yourself. You may have sins you like too much.

Or the spirit of the age has affected you. And the spirit of the age is not, and never has been, the Spirit of God.

When I say people are possessed, I don’t mean in the traditionally understood way of a demon actually taking over and inhabiting a person’s body. That is an extreme case and probably rare. But there are other forms of possession including that of thought. On the plane of ideas demons can influence the mind, and when an individual mind inclines towards the distortions of reality that the demons have concocted, often with enough elements of truth incorporated to make them plausible to the unwise, then that mind does become possessed to an extent. It’s like an infection by a parasite, and if you are not properly inoculated against this infection (by a sound religious doctrine, for example, though a pure heart would also serve the purpose), then you become infected. You effectively become possessed. Sometimes this is even noticeable when you talk to a person afflicted in this manner. He or she might be impervious to reason, aggressive, argumentative, with eyes showing an underlying hatred. Not everyone infected is by any means that bad but some are as can be seen most noticeably perhaps in public demonstrations by leftist agitators.

The demons can only infect us to the degree that we let them do so. We have to have something in us that corresponds to the poison they wish to spread to become their victims. Hence there are no innocent victims in this regard. The social justice warriors are examples of people animated by hatred and the desire for power, and this is why they are such suitable victims for the demons who obviously inspire them in their behaviour. But even milder people who wouldn’t dream of behaving in this bullying, aggressive manner have been infected by the current plague. And it is a spiritual plague that is sweeping through the world and contaminating thought. Only those who have developed the protection of a valid spiritual practice and faith are properly placed to resist it.

The left is demonic. This might seem to be a classic case of a prejudiced individual demonising (literally) his enemies. However I do not say that leftists are demons but that demons are behind the left and influencing its advocates. What is the left actually based on? Stripped back to its fundamentals, it is based on hatred of the good and resentment of the superior. That is why leftists will ally themselves with anyone who is an opponent of the Christian West.

<cite< William Wildbood, Albion Awakes

I have been in many churches throughout the English speaking Protestant world (And a few Roman ones: some coptic ones, and Orthodox ones: I prefer to have the service in a language I understand and a Western Rite). I have noticed that where the spirit of God is, then there are families and children. Where it is not, there are too many childless couples and far too many gray hairs.

The Liberals know that they are dying, and the elite know that they cannot replace themselves. Theyare trying to convert or subvert children by the educational system and/or importing a new, amenable, pagan people. They are trying to engineer not the end of the West, but the end of Christendom.

But there they walk beyond their understanding, and should heed the very demons who decieve them. For the demons know that God exists, and tremble.

Do not be deceived into being like them.

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