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A new game for a new era.

Social Matter rightly said that this was one of the best blog posts of the week. And it defines what we are doing.

We are not playing the left game of virtue signals and false outrage. We do not care about their false sins. We are wanting Christianity to survive, and the generations to come to benefit from the godly heritage of the generations past. We want the mistakes purged.

We do not care about these things. Jeong wants all white men gone. We do not.

We on the right aren’t fighting for a world of racial equality, or for a melting pot, or for a multicultural globo-homo panoply of rainbow sexualities. We are fighting to preserve our heritage. We are fighting to preserve the West. This is why I prefer the previously-mentioned term, Europhobe. Whether or not Jeong hates the idea of racial equality is something we cannot, and should not bother to prove. All we have to prove is that she hates us, the white people of the world. And she has already admitted to that.

Once we have clarified things in this way, it’s obvious that the editors of the New York Times will never fire Jeong for Europhobia because they themselves are Europhobic. They want to tear down the power structure of the West and replace it with their egalitarian, fairy-dust-and-unicorns fantasy land. The morals underlying their ideal state are all just castles built in the sky and their end game is some intangible, far off speck in the human imagination, like Atlantis or El Dorado or Prester John. Don’t get suckered into defending leftist ethics by default. Don’t waste your time accusing leftists of racism.

Remember, ladies and gentlemen, we don’t want to beat progressives at their own game. We want to change the game entirely.

In the meantime, Youtube is trying to take down Stefan. He’s now on Bitchute as well, but he wrote..


blockquote>Almost immediately after returning from a speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand, and after getting my final all-clear cancer checkup, the YouTube strikes against Freedomain Radio – the world’s most popular philosophy show – began.

Apparently, I had “violated community standards” by publishing a short video last year entitled “The Death of White Males,” which discussed the decline in life expectancy for white males, in part due to the opioid crisis. The next day, Wednesday, I awoke to another strike, this time for a discussion I had with UK journalist Katie Hopkins. Now, as I write this, two other Freedomain Radio videos have been set to ‘Private’ by YouTube and locked. One was called “What Pisses Me Off About the YouTube Child Sex Scandal,” and the other was a chat I had with Tom Golden, a psychotherapist and the author of “Helping Mothers be Closer to Their Sons: Understanding the Unique World of Boys” and “The Way Men Heal.”

I have poured 12 years of my life into my YouTube channel, with thousands of videos, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and hundreds of millions of views. In particular, I am proud of promoting Peaceful Parenting, convincing countless parents to stop hitting their children, and start negotiating instead. As it stands, I am unable to publish to YouTube for two weeks. Today my channel hangs by a thread and could be destroyed at any moment. Whether it survives is not up to me, since I have always striven to tell the truth. The future of philosophy is now up to YouTube, and it is up to you.

You can help me, Freedomain Radio, philosophy and the world by letting YouTube know what you think. Please do so firmly, politely and respectfully by contacting @TeamYouTube.

The move from youtube is beginning, because youtube does not care. They want us gone. They want us to play their game, by their rules. We want something different. We do not want this.

What to do? Some will go silent, and communicate by message, the post, email… perhaps even shortwave. Some will not use big media at all. Fighting them is useless: they will regulate until they fail, and fail they will.

What we need to do is build our own platforms. Use bitchute. Talk on gab and idka. Use Brave. Look at other ways of getting things done.

For we are fighting for our homes, our faith and our salvation. We would prefer to be allowed to live in peace. But to do so, we need to plan for a time when none of these exist.

Above all, do not be dependant on them, for you will end up like them.

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