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Linkages from the weekend.

There are some students at my old university who do not understand what a university is for. In my day, when they stopped the engineering Haka group, we voted out the entire student executive.

Now we need Don Brash, now retired from politics and running the reserve bank, to tell us this.

He is not what they should be afraid of. Or Southern. Or Molyneaux. They are reactive. They should fear the nationalists. Who have worked out that the political correct are cancer, and are rebuilding an ideology based of faith and people.

One of Orbán’s aims is building up the culture of Central Europe, which he sees in contradistinction with Western European culture, in order for the region to become the cultural, economic, and political stronghold of the continent. He outlines five tenets of this project. Central European countries should:

  • Defend its Christian culture, and reserve the right to reject multiculturalist ideology.
  • Defend the traditional family model, being entitled to assert that every child has the right to a mother and a father.
  • Defend nationally strategic economic sectors and markets.
  • Defend its borders, and reserve the right to reject immigration.
  • Insist on the principle of one nation, one vote on the most important issues, which right must not be denied in the European Union.

“In other words,” says Orbán, “we Central Europeans claim that there is life beyond globalism, which is not the only path. Central Europe’s path is the path of an alliance of free nations.” Orbán accurately identifies the issues at the heart of the battle for survival that every white nation faces today.

We are in nations. We are not global. We are allowed to be different. We are allowed to disagree on things of no moral consequence. And we are not here to be cowed by any bully, any mob.

We may have to defend this. For our wives want a quiet and godly life, as do we.

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