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Saturday Sonnet

Sydney considered those who did not see the stars as causing issues on this world as fools, for great causes great effects procure/and know those bodies high reign on the low.

Sydney may be wiser than the modern man, for he considers that there are causes, and reasons, and that we are driven by things beyond our comprehension. He did not believe in a blank state: his belief was in fate, and the stars.

But his attention was never on the stars. It was on Stella.


Though dustie wits dare scorne Astrologie,
And fooles can thinke those lampes of purest light
Whose numbers, waies, greatnesse, eternity,
Promising wonders, wonder do inuite
To haue for no cause birthright in the sky
But for to spangle the black weeds of Night;
Or for some brawl which in that chamber hie,
They should still dance to please a gazers sight.
For me, I do Nature vnidle know,
And know great causes great effects procure;
And know those bodies high raigne on the low.
And if these rules did fail, proof makes me sure,
Who oft fore-see my after-following race,
By only those two starres in Stellaes face.

Sir Philip Sydney

I am enjoying Elizabethan spelling and the way that the printer interchanges u, v, F and ff for aesthetic reasons. We should bring it back.

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