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Hobbsean quote of the day.

The Australian apparently determined that the 25th Million Aussie is… Indian. The project to make the West multicultural continues, apace. It is the reason that the media cannot stand even the most mild criticism.

Enoch Powell was right. This will not end well.

Whites just assumed that the Asian immigrants would be happy with the “honoree-white” badge. The Asian immigrants pretended that this was the case. In Australia they will continue to pretend until they feel safe enough to start declaring that the existence of whites is offensive to them. We’re not far away from that now.

This woman and her child are not Australians. They have to go back. If they and their ilk do not it will eventually mean war. History proves this prediction. The onus is not on me to prove that it will happen. The onus is on the supporters of the multicultural disaster to prove that it will not. They can not do so for the simple reason that history does not have one example of a situation where diversity + proximity did not equal war.

Because they can not prove their claim they will resort to the cry of “racist!” and “Fascist!” and “Neo-Nazi!” and the like. They have nothing else with which to argue. But I do not care for their ad hominem attacks. I wear them with pride. As should you. Take the opportunity to do so before your “Indian-Australian” betters decide that you’ve had your spot in the sun.

As the whites in South Africa are now discovering

Adam Piggot, Pushing Rubber Downhill

Since this came out, the woke left (thanks Bomber Bradbury for that term) have increased the volume of their protests. No one can question multiculturalism because they desereve neither the right to speak or the platform to do so.

But that does not solve the problem. There are two stable solutions.

The first is to allow nations to form ghettos. It is an overtly imperial model: all imperiums are more than one nation. There is a dominant and uniting force usually religious: be it the Anglican Church (Britian), the Orthodox Church (Russia) or the Islam (the Ottoman Caliphate). There is an emperoror you can honour for he is far away, but your local laws and customs are allowed.

The second is national states. Each nation is its own state. This led to the Czechs and Slovaks separating. Each nation has its own laws, customs, and each nation looks to its own interests.

Multiethnic societies are inherently unstable. I hope that Australia and NZ either put their immigrant minorities in ghettos and reassert their British foundation and institutions, allowing the new immigrants to slowly leave the ghetto and assimilate.

Because telling us to accede the rights we earned by the blood of rebels and martyrs for the sake of this new people we did not want will not work.

In the meantime, if at all possible, leave the diverse urban areas. Be where the crowds are not.

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