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Saturday Sonnet.

The poet sees suicide as murder: consider the second line… that murthring boy… who shot himself. No woman is worth self-immolation. None. But the poet indicates that was his thought.

We are losing too many.

A person can wind up in a vicious downward cycle that doesn’t end. It’s extremely hard to break on your own and the reality is you can’t. Some say turn to religion but it’s pretty hard to do when you have so much fear.

When we were on the floor and tough stuff happened, you could find someone somewhere to pick you up if you were a stand up guy. If you were a jerk, not so much. I saw some pretty amazing things done by people to help other people on the floor. Once those days ended, no one knew where to turn.

If we are going to cure this problem, the answer isn’t in government programs. The answer is in government policy. Tax credits for retraining is a good idea. But, the incentive has to be self driven. If it comes from inside, the result will be much much better. Less bureaucracy and red tape means more room for self-determination.

It is sometimes very very hard to find the good. But, if you look hard enough, you can find it. Sometimes it’s just deep within you and you have to stop trembling so it can make its way to the surface.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline number is 1-800-273-8255. Call it if you need it. Let them help you. Don’t want to call? Walk to a church. Any church. Even if you are an atheist. Just sit in the pew for awhile and stare at the alter. Breathe.

Once you get help from the pros, maybe people like me can point you in the right direction. If you want to be virtual, try Regroup Therapy. But, if you are in that deep I’d probably go for something more hands on.

If you are an old trader and you made it through, it’s incumbent on you to find ways to help. I know a lot that don’t care and it’s all about them. That’s probably why they were good traders.

Most of the time helping won’t cost you money. It will cost you a phone call or an introduction-or just a conversation. Small price to pay for what you took out of the place.

Hope you have a great day. I am going to work. There are people I can help today.

Jeffery Carter, Points and Figures

Let not your infatuation lead to you hiding in the bushes in despair. Hold your dignity in public. Let it go only within the marital bed, where your honour is held by your vows.

Stella and Astrophel 20

Fly, fly, my friends; I haue my deaths wound, fly;
See there that Boy, that murthring Boy I say,
Who like a theefe hid in dark bush doth ly,
Till bloudy bullet get him wrongfull pray.

So, tyran he no fitter place could spie,
Nor so faire leuell in so secret stay,
As that sweet black which veils the heau’nly eye;
There with his shot himself he close doth lay.

Poore passenger, pass now thereby I did,
And staid, pleas’d with the prospect of the place,
While that black hue from me the the bad guest hid:
But straight I saw the motions of lightning grace,

And then descried the glistrings of his dart:
But ere I could flie thence, it pierc’d my heart.

Sir Philip Sydney

The risk in love that you, like Sydney, will lose. Men may propose and declare their love, but in the poet’s time the decision was made by the father, not the lover. You better have a good alliance for the family.

And infatuation, rightly, was seen as a path to despair. Far better to follow the example of the early Stella, who loved her husband, not the late Stella, who left him for her lover.

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