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Sunday Sonnet

The Psalm has 19 verses, so the poet continues. This is, after all, a meditation on Psalm 51, and the sexual themes of the penitent date to the psalm if not the poet. But the verse for this is the seventeenth

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit;
a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.

Psalm 51:17. English Standard Version

In modern times, someone with anhenodia, anorexia and sadness would be called depressed. Locke was made of stronger stuff. She saw her emotions as coming directly from godly sorrow, and her fallen state, and her cure was to be right with God.

I yeld my self, I offer vp my ghoste,
My slayne delightes, my dyeng hart to thee.
To God a trobled sprite is pleasing hoste.
My trobled sprite doth drede like him to be,
In whome tastlesse languor with lingring paine
Hath febled so the starued appetite,
That foode to late is offred all in vaine,
To holde in fainting corps the fleing sprite.
My pining soule for famine of thy grace
So feares alas the faintnesse of my faithe.
I offre vp my trobled sprite: alas,
My trobled sprite refuse not in thy wrathe.
Such offring likes thee, ne wilt thou despise
The broken humbled hart in angry wise.

Anne Locke

The transliteration has some words left: Thee is needed for the rhyme and Locke uses sprite for soul, also ghost and spirit. I have left sprite where the rhyme scheme demands it. The other problem, again is pronounciation. with lingr’ing pain becomes lingering pain because we no longer slur the syllables. And alas has more meanings than woe.

I yield myself, I offer up my Ghost,
my slain delights, my dying heart to thee
To God a troubled spirit is a pleasing host
My troubled sprite does dread like him to be

In home tasteless languor, lingering pain
Has feebled the starved appetite
That food to late is offered all in vain
To hold in fainting body, feeling sprite

My pining soul for famine of your grace.
So fears, alas, the faintness of my faith
I offer up my troubled soul: alas
My troubled sprite refuse not in your wrath.

Such offering like you, nor will you despise
The broken heart in angry wise.

The issue of if we medicate repentance out of society one should leave to the reader.

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