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Some reorganization.

Wayne at Sigma Frame has put a notice out saying that the blog has moved: I am still at the same server but had to do a clean reinstall of WordPress and then back everything up. As part of that the links between the main site broke. I did not realize that most people went to the main site and relied on the linkages. .

The main thing that is happening here is that I am trying to put a static page on the front of all the sites,an incompatible state with most shared hosting services.

This has taken longer than I thought it would. I had to set up a wordpress site at the home page, then switch everything off, then set up another wordpress site for the longer stuff. install markdown there, and then import the essays I had manually saved.

But most things now are on vaultpress.

What this does mean that you need to reset all rss feeds or wordpress subscriptions for this place to https://blog.pukeko.net.nz.


  1. It was my intention to inform others about how to find your blog. But I did not have all the details right. Sorry about that. I have corrected that post to reflect the facts.
    All the best~!

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