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Sunday Sonnet

We are ending the end of this cycle, and with it the need to transliterate. Anne Locke’s poem or meditation worked when written well. It shows that the Puritans of that time did care and craft beauty, with words and in their lives. Unlike the women of this time, Locke did this while running a house, raising a family, and dealing with Scots politics, including in exile.

In this sonnet she preaches the gospel, for it was the motivation of her and her husband’s life.

Thy mercies praise, instede of sacrifice,
With thankfull rninde so shall I yeld to thee.
For if it were delitefull in thine eyes,
Or hereby mought thy wrath appeased be,
Of cattell slayne and burnt with sacred flame
Vp to the heauen the vaprie smoke to send:
Of gyltlesse beastes, to purge my gilt and blame,
On altars broylde the sauour shold ascend,
To pease thy wrath. But thy swete sonne alone,
With one sufficing sacrifice for all
Appeaseth thee, and maketh the at one
With sinfull man, and hath repaird our fall.
That sacred hoste is euer in thine eyes.
The praise of that I yeld for sacrifice.

Anne Locke

The modern meaning of yeld is to be barren, applying particularly to female stock: this is clearly wrong and I have instead used yield which fits the sense of the text. Mought is an old form of may. Appeased would have been three syllables, I had to add a word to make the scansion work as we say the same word as two slurred syllables.

Your mercies praise, instead of sacrifice
With thankful mind so shall I yield to thee
For if it was delightful in your eyes
Or hereby may your wrath appeased would be

Of cattle slain and burnt with sacred flame
Up to heaven the vapour smoke to send
Of guiltless beasts, to purge my guilt and blame
On broiled the savour should ascend

To please your wrath. But your sweet son alone
With one sufficing sacrifice for all
Appeases you, and makes you at one
With Sinful man, and has repaired our fall

The sacred host is ever in your eyes
The praise of that i yield for sacrifice

Anne Locke, Transliterated

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