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How to get excommunicated.

The Irish have legalized Gay Marriage, and there is pressure on Ulster to do this. So the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) (which covers the whole Island: most things do) is deliberating what to do.

Stephen Green is a Liberal Democrat. He supports Gay Marriage: it is part of his party’s platform. He is also a Presbyterian. Note that the PCI is far more liberal that the Free Presbyterians.

And there is a way they want the vote to go.

So Stephen Protests.

And the church, to my shock, applies church discipline.

Firstly, Stephen, may you repent, and choose to remain within the faith. Secondly, the PCI has withstood the pressure, and survived this storm.
Secondly, to those who would apply secular blasphemy laws to all thought, this is what it looks like. This is how to be expelled. This is how to be excommunicated.


  1. Hearthrose

    Is anyone else wincing at Scott Pack’s tweet about our Lord? Dude. Someday you’re going to face Him. You should repent. NOW.

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