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Sunday Sonnet.

This poem barely needs transliteration. The main issue is the third stanza, where wight and delight rhyme. Sprite is clearly the wrong word for the context. Assoile is a legal term.; it means to pardon or set free.

From Gab:
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~ Mother and daughter ~

O God, God of my health, my sauing God,
Haue mercy Lord, and shew thy might to saue,
Assoile me, God, from gilt of giltlesse blod,
And eke from sinne that I ingrowing haue

By fleshe and bloud and by corrupted kinde.
Vpon my bloud and soule extende not, Lorde,
Vengeance for bloud, but mercy let me finde,
And strike me not with thy reuengyng sworde.

So, Lord, my ioying tong shall talke thy praise,
Thy name my mouth shall vtter in delight,
My voice shall sounde thy iustice, and thy waies,
Thy waies to iustifie thy sinfull wight.

God of my health, from bloud I saued so
Shall spred thy prayse for all the world to know.

Anne Locke

The usual meaning of eke is to ration or use frugally. There is an archaic meaning of “also”, and that is the meaning that makes sense. Anne Locke would have known of Queens of England and Scotland beheaded: as a reformed woman with a Catholic Queen (and a supporter of Knox, who published a treatise damning her) she was at risk of meeting the headsman. The image in Stanza two is blood filled.


O God, God of my health, my saving God
Have mercy Lord, and show your might to save
Pardon me, God, from guilt by guiltless blood
And also from sin that I ingrowing have

By flesh and blood and by corrupted kind
Upon my blood and soul extend not, Lord
Veageance for blood, but mercy let me find
And strike me not with your revenging sword.

So Lord, my joying tongue shall talk your praise
Your name my mouth shall utter in delight
My voice shall sound your justice and your ways
Your ways to justify this sinful wight

God of my health from blood I saved so
Shall spread you praise for all the world to know

Anne Locke, Translit

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