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Scientific Legends.

The joys of living in a time of decline: We have to deal with irrationality wearing the skinsuit of science. Vox Day coined the term scientodology for such: their use of the experimental evidence is selective, but their self righteousness, in their delusions, shines

Paying exuberant lip service to reason and science has always been a hallmark of the Left. The French revolutionaries created a literal Temple of Reason. The Soviet Union referred to communism as “scientific socialism” and pushed Lysenkoism as established scientific truth in biology.

But Leftists don’t really love reason and science. Rather, they are in love with the idea of themselves as being perfectly rational and scientific, and all of their political opinions being infallibly confirmed by reason and science.

Like the Jacobins and the Bolsheviks, they fetishize reason and science, and in doing so, they cease to actually *use* them. They’ve formed a self-worshiping cult in which “reason” and “science” are bandied about as totems, but are almost entirely absent from their actual thought processes.

And when ACTUAL logic or empirical observation gets in the way of their political narrative (See: transgenderism, sex differences in cognition, genetic racial differences, IQ studies, failed climate predictions, etc), they will lash out and deny it with all the ferocity of a Bolshevik defending Lysenkoism as the Unquestionable Consensus Truth Of Science.

Ian Bibby

It is best to consider such as sophists: their speech is rhetoric without substance. They lack that fundamental tool of the scientist: doubt. They have never been wrong.

And so they preach legends and old wives tales, and call a qualitative narrative science, when it is at best scholarship.

1 Timothy 4:1-16

1 Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will renounce the faith by paying attention to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, 2 through the hypocrisy of liars whose consciences are seared with a hot iron. 3 They forbid marriage and demand abstinence from foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. 4 For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected, provided it is received with thanksgiving; 5 for it is sanctified by God’s word and by prayer.

6   If you put these instructions before the brothers and sisters, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus, nourished on the words of the faith and of the sound teaching that you have followed. 7 Have nothing to do with profane myths and old wives’ tales. Train yourself in godliness, 8 for, while physical training is of some value, godliness is valuable in every way, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. 9 The saying is sure and worthy of full acceptance. 10 For to this end we toil and struggle, because we have our hope set on the living God, who is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe.

11   These are the things you must insist on and teach. 12 Let no one despise your youth, but set the believers an example in speech and conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. 13 Until I arrive, give attention to the public reading of scripture, to exhorting, to teaching. 14 Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you through prophecy with the laying on of hands by the council of elders. 15 Put these things into practice, devote yourself to them, so that all may see your progress. 16 Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; continue in these things, for in doing this you will save both yourself and your hearers.

The work of Christ is completed and final, true. Christ let himself be killed by evil men because of love, true. But then, why are we taught, here that we are to train ourselves in righteousness, to avoid the very wives tales that are called science, and preach the truth?

It is because we are not sent to be comfort, but confront. Truth is. It needs no defense. And our state, apart from God, is rotten.

I saw a clip afterwards in which the Archbishop of Canterbury was praising this performance (which is what it was) as being a breath of fresh air. No wonder modern Christianity is so enfeebled. It has no sense of depth or real spiritual knowledge which is why it replaces the metaphysical with the political as Bishop Curry did with his facile talk of love eradicating poverty. That is not what Jesus taught. You only have to read the Gospels to see that Jesus did not come to make the world a better place for human beings to live in here and now. He came to prepare them for entry into higher consciousness, the higher world of God’s kingdom. Anyone who reduces Jesus’s message to social matters is betraying his spirit, and, if a religious leader does that, then he is misleading his flock. The blind leading the blind. There are no two ways about this. Jesus did die for us because of love. Yes, absolutely. But that death was to make a crooked thing straight again not to leave it crooked because, well, crooked is good if that is what you are. God loves us but not as we are now in our present unrepentant state. If that is not made crystal clear then all talk of love is just an excuse to do nothing, and might even serve the devil.

Contemporary Christianity is emasculated because it lays too much stress on love. Obviously I’m not denying love is the foundation of the universe. But if love becomes an excuse to ignore or deny real metaphysical knowledge and proper theological understanding then it leads to the neglect of intellect which is our participation in the mind of God. Besides, it is not actually real love that is taught but a shallow, sentimentalised version of it that is more about personal feelings. That is not love. Love is not the all men are equal, warm and fuzzy thing this preacher appeared to be talking about and which seeks to make the kingdom of heaven in this world. It is the light of spirit which burns away all worldly falsehood and draws us upwards.

William Wildblood, Albion Awakes

Ignore those who use social science to preach instead of the gospel. The gospel is what stands, and most social science cannot be replicated, despite considerable effort. In this corrupted time, you have to mistrust peer review, and question all scholarly work.

But doubt should be the handmaiden of curiosity in any scientific work. We are trying to make sense of ourselves and God, and we know in part.

It is only when Christ reigns that we will see clearly.

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