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There will be no shield

Many of the bloggers that I follow don’t use their real names. I have been known to counsel younger people to not use their name. However, I do. I’m only a couple of years away from retirement. I am fairly sure I won’t get promoted, and I am hardened to the vexatious complaints of those who dislike me, either clinically or professionally.

I would rather work somewhere where I am accepted than in the UK or USA, where such litigiousness seems to be rewarded with scalps. But this I know: my mana, my status, is no shield to me. It is a shield to those who work with me or for me. If you lead, you will be criticized.

I have a mystic on my reading list. She recounts her visions, and when she talks about nations being stripped bare I see the removal of all shields, all status. We will see each other, scarred, bent, broken, aged.

We will not with makeup. We will not be photoshopped. Our status will be as dust, and our wealth as ashes. And this I know: the progressives want this fate for us, not knowing that they will share it. God will not be mocked. If we continue, our nations will burn.

I was waking up some days ago and went into a trance after many hours of prayer, praise and worship throughout the night. The Lord said to me, “There will be a bang and a massive earthquake. America will be destroyed, UK will be destroyed.

The Roman Empire will take over again. The world will shrink back to the size it was before Jesus came. I was boggled and was pensive, pondering what I had just heard and the Lord knew I was disturbed and further clarified by saying to me “ America is teaching the world nakedness.”

This vision highlights the seriousness of an offense that we do not really know is highly offensive to God, especially when it is exported round the world and is polluting the world with a deadly offensive stench.

Laura Bon

But we are told not to fear God. Not to fear the Law: it is passe. Instead we are to fear the new sins: racism (which all whites must ritually atone for), sexism and gender based violence (which all men must ritually atone from), and whatever intersectional virtue deficit points you have accrued.

And this makes us worry. The news makes us worry. We are to get on the campaign, make our schools water only, wear the white ribbon for no violence and the white rose for equal pay, and cheer the post christian state of the west.

Forgetting that worry is a sin: and the command of God is that we are not to be afraid.

Of course you can’t help it, neither can I – but that doesn’t stop worry being evil – it means we must repent the fact that we worry, instead of feeling guilty if we don’t worry.

Worrying about stuff, being worried about ‘other people’/ the environment/ poverty/ freedom/ global warming/ disease/ death… this doesn’t make you a good person – but the opposite.

Because Fear is A Bad Thing, then it doesn’t matter what you fear – choosing a worthy subject for your fears does not change fear into a virtue; any more than it would make resentment or spite into a virtue.

Re-naming fear as ‘concern’ does not make it good!

The false rationalisation is that Not to worry is to be Uncaring… You’ve heard this…

Hah! So, if somebody, somewhere, has had or might-have something bad happen to them – then we ought to worry about it! Yeah, right…

It is time for you to stop thinking you have a duty to worry; and instead think about your duty to Be Not Afraid.

Bruce Charlton

I am no prophet. I am no mystic. But I see the English speaking elite going crazy, as they invent new ways to show that they can tolerate the hurtful, the horrid, the ugly and the damaged. They call what is degeneration and damage virtue. This has an old name: decadence.

It has never ended well.

And the remnant who survive ensure that they are covered, and have their armour on. Shield included.


  1. I used to think my husband was being overly cautious by asking that I not use my name (and never our surname) in my public blogging. I have learned how right he is about exercising caution.

    Of course, the reality is that none of us is hidden as well as we’d like to believe we are.

    Appreciate the Laura Bon post. I’d never heard of her, but the point of America teaching the world nakedness is one worth pondering.

  2. Hearthrose

    The brokenness that surrounds us is so profound… so all encompassing.

    I don’t know about “fear”. Is it fear to say, “there’s a bus coming straight for that building, it’s going to blow” and hurting for those who are going to get blown up? Or being on the top story of that building and having no way to move in time and bracing for impact? “this is going to hurt…”

    I cut the quote short. It started “worry is fear spread thin“. It is fearing not the real, but the virtual. Fear has a use. It keeps us out of the dangerous alleyways and on the footpath (sidewalk)

    Things are broken, and cannot be un-broken without God. A better analogy would be, “Those are spots. You’ve got smallpox. Well, it’s off to bed with you – you’re going to get worse before you get better. I’ll put the chicken soup on and put a quarantine sign on the front door”.

    Again, that is useful. That is basic public health: quarantine and sanitation stopped plagues before antibiotics. The modern fool thinks that screening is racist and you can fix the smallpox by auditing. We worry about that which we should not. We forget the real evils, because the noise of the fake evils drowns it out.

    I use an internet name, but it takes seconds to find my real one. And my internet name has been used for so many years that I respond to it as readily as my real one.
    Can confirm.

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