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Sunday Sonnet

More Anne Lock. I like her understanding of temptation: Lewd delight hath ledd astray/ to rue theyr error

Meditations of a penitent sinner

Lord, of thy mercy if thou me withdraw
From gaping throte of depe deuouring hell,
Loe, I shall preach the iustice of thy law:
By mercy saued, thy mercy shall I tell.

The wicked I wyll teache thyne only way,
Thy wayes to take, and mans deuise to flee,
And suche as lewd delight hath ledde astray,
To rue theyr errour and returne to thee.

So shall the profe of myne example preache
The bitter frute of lust and foule delight:
So shall my pardon by thy mercy teache
The way to finde swete mercy in thy sight.

Hyue mercy, Lorde, in me example make
Of lawe and mercy, for thy mercies sake.

Anne Locke

Although I generally move thee and thou to you and your when transliterating, the rhyme requires “thee” in line eight, and that does not remove any understanding.

Lord of your mercy if you me withdraw
From the great throat of deep devouring hell
Lo! I will preach the justice of your law
By mercy saved, by mercy shall I tell.

The wicked I will teach your only way
Your ways to take and man’s device to flee
And such as lewd delight has led astray
To rue their error and return to thee

So shall the proof of my example preach
The bitter fruit of lust and foul delight
So shall my bardon by your mercy teach
The way to find sweet emrcy in your sight

Have mercy Lord, in me example mae
Of Law and mercy, for your mercies sake.

Anne Locke (translit)

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