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Sunday Sonnet.

We did not last the service through today. My beloved said that she was leaving and I followed: she was offended that instead of a sermon there were smug women reading children’s tales. This is after both of us being saddened by the sermon at the Royal wedding of the duke and duchess of Sussex. At lunchtime some friends visited and they had the same reaction.

Smugness is never holiness. Saying you are virtuous is never penitence. But the penitent can plead that they will again see joy.

But render me my wonted ioyes againe,
Which sinne hath reft, and planted in theyr place
Doubt of thy mercy ground of all my paine.
The tast, that thy loue whilome did embrace
My chearfull soule, the signes that dyd assure
My felyng ghost of fauor in thy sight,
Are fled from me, and wretched I endure
Senslesse of grace the absence of thy sprite.
Restore my ioyes, and make me fele againe
The swete retorne of grace that I haue lost,
That I may hope I pray not all in vayne.
With thy free sprite confirme my feble ghost,
To hold my faith from ruine and decay
With fast affiance and assured stay.

Anne Locke

Note that I am continuing the project. (and no, the site backups failed on restoration). This is where we were up to. Tast is an obscure spelling of taste, and b whilome is a variant of whilom, which is an outmoded word for while or once upon a time, used by Spencer. I have used once instead of while Felying is feeling — or being touched, caressed, and was used as such by Chaucer. Note that feel is used later, so I have gone with touch.

Locke uses sprite for spirit in part to get the rhyme correct: I have followed her this time.

But render me my wanted joys again
Which sin has reft and planted in their place
Doubt of your mercy ground of all my pain
The taste that your love once did embrace

My cheerful soul, the signs that did assure
My touching ghost of favour in your sight
Are fled from me, and wretched I endure
Sensless of grace the abscence of your sprite.

Restore my joys and make me feel again
The sweet return of grace that I have lost
That I may hope I pray not all in vain
With your free sprite confirm my feeble ghost

In hold my faith from ruin and decay
With fast alliance and assured stay.

Anne Locke, Translit

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