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Broken and lost posts.

,This is the fourth time I have had to restart this blog. I cannot blame anyone for this: I was working on adding a database when I overwrote the entire site and then the restore broke.

Fortunately, I do have backup files I can import, and will do it over the next few days. But there will be some link rot in the meantime.

What I have done is used the a2 optimisations from the beginning. I have never been able to work them with vaultpress (because it locks the site down tightly, and an attempt to rebuild the site with jetpack broke it.)

So, in the meantime…

  1. The usual posts will continue: that is a comment on the lectionary daily, and a sonnet or poem most days of the weekend.
  2. The scientific or reading nores will be intermittent. I will reconstruct an index page for these: it helps me with report writing at the end of each year.
  3. Those who were banned, congratulations, all databases have been lost. However I will tighten commenting and approve each manually until I have the usual trusted perople back.
  4. The linkages will hopefully e restored with the backups, or rehe Pconstructed.
  5. Finally, for the Pinebook  users, the visual interface in WordPress works better than then text one. Due to less apparent lag between typing and the text appearing.

Update: The Wayback machine only has the extracts, not the full text.



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