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On the impending revolution.

I have to thank the good editors at Social Matter for this one. Alf (who I think is Dutch), writing on the second massacre of normies by an involuntary celibate (incel), makes a connection I had not made about Islam increasing the status of men, and thus being attractive to the socially inept. I should add that the idea that such men rage is not a new one in the neochristian red pilled blogs: such men are called “gammas” and generally are not let into any form of group because they are too otaku, too trollish and too annoying.

And this makes them rage.

But the incel isn’t really saying that life is unfair. The incel is saying: it’s not just unfair, it is made to be unfair.

The difference is important. Take a game of soccer. Real Madrid (good club) versus Roda JC (bad club). Real Madrid wins 16 – 0. The normie says: ‘of course Real Madrid wins, they have the better players!’ But that’s not what the incel is saying. The incel is saying: ‘perhaps, but the referee is constantly whistling in favor of Real Madrid!’

Similarly, the deck is stacked against low status men. Following emancipation, women have free sexual choice, and with great joy use that freedom to completely ignore loser men. The men on the low end of the sexual market are literally invisible to women and the moment they dare say something of it, women sternly put them back in their place.

Such continual rejection hits a man right in his balls. It’s a soul-crushing rejection: you are not man enough for society. And society encourages this behavior. Society says: it is deeply empowering of girls to reject loser incels, also it is deeply disturbing that incels think they are entitled to sex.

Normies, being as egotistical as anyone, have trouble wrapping their minds around this point. In their minds society is an innocent bystander. Nonsense. Society determines male status, and if society lowers male status, the males already on the lower end of the ladder feel it the heaviest. Spandrell argued that this is why Islam is so successful: Islam raises the status of men. The downgrade in status that drives Muslim males to terrorism in the West is the same that drove Alek Minassian to kill pedestrians, that 4 years ago drove Elliot Rodger to kill 6 people.



The use of the van of peace my Minassian — an method of mass murder perfected by the jihadi — could fit. The meme was around well before he (allegedly) did this deed. But the rage is real. We have in effect disenfranchised about a quarter of the male population. There is considerable anger.

The editors of social matter comment:

Nail driven through 2-by-4 with single swing of the hammer there. For most of the last two thousand years, those in charge of civilized social norms evolved clever ways to ensure a widespread distribution of sex. This motivated a maximum number of men to produce an above self-sustenance economic output, which enriched the entire society. Then, on a Friday afternoon in 1962, this system was deemed oppressive. Women were emancipated, and the West now enjoys the socio-sexual dynamics of Malawi. You’ve come a long way, baby…

This week in reaction

Many years ago. Alte did the sums on the number of young men excess to requirements and said that this historically predicts a war. I don’t think she expected the immigrant invasion that the European Union has inflicted on their peasantry, but the anger remains. Such men are foot soldiers in wars: cannon fodder. Their self hatred makes them have utility for the elite, who exploit them for social justice while despising them, and blaming them.

Or they reject modernity. Expect many to convert to Islam. And expect the war not to go as the elite, planning the conquest of the productive and the final removal of Christendom, expect.

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