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This is a data linking paper that looks at medication prescription and consanguionous marriages. In the introduction, they note that for Roman Catholics, cousing marriage requires a specail dispensation, and the rate of such in Ireland is 1 in 625. This appears, from a national database to be the rate in Ireland. I would add […]

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The joys of living in a time of decline: We have to deal with irrationality wearing the skinsuit of science. Vox Day coined the term scientodology for such: their use of the experimental evidence is selective, but their self righteousness, in their delusions, shines Paying exuberant lip service to reason and science has always been […]

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Over the last few days two human rights commissioners (HRC) have resigned, primarily because the HRC has been found systematically bullying and harassing their staff. One of the commissioners wrote this in the Spinoff, a blog sponsored by the HRC. These people can make your lives hell. They want to regulate our speech. And they […]

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I prefer Ezra when he was pithy. This is simple. That does not mean it is not profound. Ts’ai Chi’h The petals fall in the fountain, the orange-coloured rose-leaves, Their ochre clings to the stone. Ezra Pound Instead, to be this simple is hard.

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More Anne Lock. I like her understanding of temptation: Lewd delight hath ledd astray/ to rue theyr error Meditations of a penitent sinner Lord, of thy mercy if thou me withdraw From gaping throte of depe deuouring hell, Loe, I shall preach the iustice of thy law: By mercy saued, thy mercy shall I tell. […]

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