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Holiday notes 3: Technical things.

Some of you may have noted that I have changed the appearance of the website. This is primarily to improve the readability: I would appreciate feedback as to if this form of navigation is easier to use.

But as my holiday comes to an end, I have some comments around traveling and blogging on the road.

  • Paranoia helps.  Assume that your laptop will be stolen or the hard disk read by customs: remove all work data beforehand.
  • Better still, use a laptop that is about to die.n
  • Make sure you have lots of games and books on the computer. You will get bad weather. You will need them.
  • Make sure your came ra can connect with the laptop… and you can get email on the road (if a work trip).
  • And make sure that the wifi works in marginal area
  • Carry a data stick, so you can print photos.

Check in luggage. This sounds counter-intuitive, but I check almost everything, and carry a light bag onto any plane.  u

You need more money and less  clothes than you think.. One suit, two pair shoes, three days of shirts etc and then use the hotel laundry has worked for me for years.

Make sure that you get some exercise daily…

and finally… make sure you sleep enough to he rested by the time you return to work.


Now I am back home…

1.  Discipline yourself not to buy books. They are bulky and heavy. The same applies to CDs and DVDs. You need to download / install a heap of these things before leaving: if you have kids that includes their favourite DVDs onto your hard disk.

2.  When you are unpacking, consider what you wore all the time and what you did not. Remember that what works on a holiday (T shirt and shorts) will not work on a business trip.

3.  Get home a day early. You do not want to be wide awake at midnight, which is what happened to me.


  1. Butterfly Flower

    Your new blog-theme could use some color; perhaps a a light-blue background?
    The format is nice, though – very straightforward.

  2. Chris Author

    If I make it more blue it becomes less readable… At least I did when I was trying to get the background colour right.
    But thanks,,, there is an art in this.

  3. Butterfly Flower

    *oops, forgot to include*
    I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas, and a fun holiday!
    I went on vacation myself [my hubby and I visited Disneyland] I didn’t exactly heed your luggage tips. *sigh* I still have luggage to unpack.

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