Only badthink will save you.

Let us start witn an observation. The press and the great and good, including supposedly Tory bloggers, are falling in love with the Yankee heretic. Who talks love and slavery and white guilt and then the cross. It would be better to mention the cross and then work from there. For each nation is different […]

Sunday Sonnet.

We did not last the service through today. My beloved said that she was leaving and I followed: she was offended that instead of a sermon there were smug women reading children’s tales. This is after both of us being saddened by the sermon at the Royal wedding of the duke and duchess of Sussex. […]

The Yankee Heretic and Pentecost.

We are royalists, because democracy is broken. But the Anglican church is broken even more. The elite consider this powerful: I considered the sermon to be tone deaf, progressive, ugly and antichristian. It is not that I do not love, or am wise, or holy. But I have spoken. You have to know your audience, […]

Rescued post 16 April

Administration and Lectionary Collide.   After the last couple of days, life intrudes again. The sermon at equippers church was about praise getting you out of a jail. Needed, but that night there was a storm in the Midwest. And the power went out at the webhost. (No, this blog is not hosted in New […]

Saturday Sonnet.

The trouble with losing your blog data is that you have to consider if you start poetry cycles again. In this case, I have not. I am continuing with the cycle, and in this Sydney makes a fundamental error. He lets his desire cloud his judgment. His friends counseled him: Stella was outside of his […]

The approved predation.

It looks like the sex abuse scandals have hit the Chilean church hard, where the bishops (all thirty four of them) have offered to resign. The rot appears to be everywhere: in the antipodes Cardinal Pell, who was seen as responding to the accusations, is now accused of abusing children himself. In the antipodean case, […]

Burnout or control.

This quote is reflected by work in Australia, where clinical leaders have backed their psychiatrists in making good plans with patients, and not gone hunting for faults when things, inevitably go wrong. What conditions are making physicians feel that they have lost control, and how do these conditions differ from the past? Previously, many physicians […]

Your redefinition is a lie.

This morning’s passage is long: when you read the lectionary you tend to concentrate on one of the passages at a time because it flows. The interesting part of this is what we are to do, more than what we are not to do. The priniciples that Paul is talking about are to imitate God. […]

Never induce a tweetstorm.

Sam Rosa is a Vancouver Papist and progressive. He starts all this by writing a review of Petersen’s book, and (as you would expect) tweets about it. I don’t know how Vox does it (one of his authors he edits has just published another book and he’s working on volume III of his fantasy series […]