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One of the things that happens to any parent is that you suffer. When your child is sick, you suffer. As one of a kid’s favourite movie put is, the worrying does not end. So it is quite understandable that little children were bought to Jesus for a blessing. You pray that all blessings and […]

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The Psalm has 19 verses, so the poet continues. This is, after all, a meditation on Psalm 51, and the sexual themes of the penitent date to the psalm if not the poet. But the verse for this is the seventeenth The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O […]

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Wayne at Sigma Frame has put a notice out saying that the blog has moved: I am still at the same server but had to do a clean reinstall of WordPress and then back everything up. As part of that the links between the main site broke. I did not realize that most people went […]

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This is following on from yesterday’s lectionary post, and the alternative is more challenging, for Christ talks about the innocence and faith of little children, and those who destroy it would be better to drown themselves. There is a mention of millstones. By the fruit of their lives you will know them. The number of […]

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