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In the odd corners of the internet where I hang out — often called various names — there is a repeated conversation. “Where Can I find a good Church? One that is not converged?”. There are discussions of denominations, the virtues of the Orthodox church, the failure of the Presbyterians, Lutherans, Anglicans and Baptists, and […]

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There is an ongoing conflict between the globalists, who want all nations to merge into one, and the nationalists. It does not help that many of the globalists are functionally Trotskyites, bringing a world revolution, and many of them are Jewish. For the Jewish nation is to be saved, after the Gentiles have been bought […]

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When you walk away from God, bad things happen. Even the most religious find themselves corrupted. The example below is from a description of a book written by a professor from the Hebrew University, Shahak, who was a human rights activist speaking up for the Palestinians and, according to Ron Unz, fairly accurate in his […]

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This is a sonnet on religion, but the dark side. Oscar Wilde is not normally accounted as a religious poet. But this is religious, and involves martyrs and saints. The Turks killed 5000 people in 1876. Oscar Wilde accused Christ of being uncaring five years later. In 2000, the independent Bulgaria, after a century of […]

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What can we say about the true church and the fake church? Well, the first thing is that the true church has power. It does not rely on ritual or authority. Liturgy and prayer are servants to Christ. It does not rely on precedent, or careful gloss on gloss. Instead it relies on Christ. The […]

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I am looking for Sunday Sonnets, but they have to be religious. Stella is not: though the imagery is of Apollo and his chariot, the content is that Stella does not sunburn. Her skin is golden. And in love, these particulars matter. The Luminarium text, which I have copied unaltered, has Elizabethan typography, so the […]

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Let’s start with an warning. Unusual thoughts and experiences are common, and having them is not necessarily a sign of ongoing crippling distress or a reason for intervention. We tend to ignore people who have such thoughts if they are functioning well. We do not want to intervene with everyone who has but one symptom. […]

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